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Advisory services

Acuity works in partnership with a faculty of partners to enable you to scientifically appraise existing or future talent and to ensure you have the right roles and the right people in them.

The range of solutions we offer covers:

  • Leadership assessment

    Leadership assessment

    We work with customers to support their understanding of the required talent strategy, covering organisation, acquisition and capability.


    Board composition  

    We will work with you to understand your strategy, helping you to understand what roles are required to ensure you achieve your goals and to understand if you already have the talent to fulfil this or whether new appointments are required.


    Assessment and insights

    • Psychometric assessment facilitation – LEIPA (Leadership Emotional Intelligence Performance Accelerator)
      • Team
      • Individual
    • Strengths Assessment
    • Facilitation, feedback and coaching support
    • Facilitation of various other psychometric tools through trusted partners addressing both individual or team development requirements
  • Leadership development

    Leadership development:

    We support customers to make the most of their talent through a range of leadership development tools, interactions and courses. These include:



    • Management and Leadership Mentoring
    • Leadership Programme design and facilitation; modules include:
      • Introduction to leadership and Goleman’s leadership styles
      • Coaching as a leadership style
      • Sharing feedback effectively
      • Building High Performing Teams
      • Increasing Emotional intelligence
      • Building an inclusive workforce
      • Assessing leadership competence

    Structural dynamics

    • Communication assessment
    • Team effectiveness assessment
    • Team dynamics report
    • Team colours facilitation
  • Selection support

    We offer a range of insight based assessments to support decision making during the hiring process.



    We can support any search process with a range of capability, behavioural and psychometric testing, recommending the most appropriate methodology.

    • Thomas International
    • DISC
    • Hogan
  • Personal Brand Development

    Visionary storytelling is an art form and something every leader needs to do well. Acuity has a specific partner who is in the business of good writing. Their team has years of experience in advertising, newspapers, magazines and content marketing, and between them have written millions of words. They (and their words) have won awards, landed new contracts, turbo-charged careers and launched successful businesses.


    Our partner offers one-to-one tuition with the ambition to improve your writing. But that’s just the start. They’ll show how better writing means a better CV, a compelling profile, stronger branding, and above all, a lot more clarity on what you will offer the business you want to work for or the investor you need to secure.

Please get in touch to learn more about any of our advisory services.

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