Who we are

Acuity. Noun. Sharpness or keenness of thought, vision or hearing. “Intellectual acuity”

Born out of our sister company, Stanton House, Acuity is a global executive firm focused on cutting through the clutter and connecting people with companies where the match will deliver a transformative impact.

We believe that search is about results, about making the perfect match. We work tirelessly to achieve this. 97% of our searches result in a successful appointment and 93% of the candidates we secure are high performers after year one with a business. A further 30% are promoted within 18 months supporting our belief that we really can transform businesses by connecting the right people.


of our business is via repeat business and recommendations.

Our differentiator is how much we care about achieving the best possible outcome. We care deeply about the customer on both sides of the recruitment process. Of course there can only be one successful candidate, but we treat everyone with the utmost courtesy and respect along the way. 40% of our business is via repeat business and recommendations. Many of our candidates (successful or not) become clients and vice versa.

We take nothing for granted and believe our job is not done until we have delighted customers on both sides of the equation. This focus drives our commercial model which is heavily weighted on delivery with no shortlist fee in the process, we believe our work is not yet done at this point. In any case, we don’t work towards a fixed shortlist date. We adopt a far more agile process than having predisposed deadlines, we adopt your timescales as our own and keep you updated at every stage.

We aim to deliver a materially better search process than our customers have experienced before and most tell us that is the case.

We are curious, we ask the questions that will sharpen the focus on delivering the right connection. We keep learning and will work with you to make insights count. Any search is complex, getting it wrong can be costly in more ways than one. Getting it right, however, can bring immeasurable rewards.

That’s why the name ‘Acuity’ resonates with us. We will always bring clarity, keenness of thought and insight to our interactions with you, providing different perspectives and solutions to the norm.

In short, we enable individuals and businesses to outperform by relentlessly connecting brilliant people.

Contact us for your next brilliant connection. Whether that’s for your own career or to find a transformational leader for your business.